Friday, September 26, 2014

"This Work and People are Changing My Life"

Well, I'm fat. This isn't me just being whiney. So like the second week in Mexico when we actually started talking to each other and becoming friends (talking about her companion here) I was showing her my family photos and she looks at me and says, oh my gosh Hermana you were really fat then. Yes, thank you for that sweet reminder. Then in the mtc I dropped 10 pounds which was awesome. Now fast forward to a week ago, we were talking about how much food we get fed and I said I'm getting real chubby. She so sweetly responds, yes Hermana you are, but not as fat as you were before the mission. HAHAHA i just love her. So yes I really am fat. The other night we had two full meals. The second meal i was literally shoving the food down my throat because there was no room. It's ok, I have accepted that I'll be rolling home in a year and a half. Literally rolling.

I was thinking about trimming my hair because its a flipping mane but then my companion showed me something. She had long hair and asked for a trim and got her hair cut to her jaw line. SHEARED LIKE A SHEEP. Yeah no one is touching my hair til I get home.
Oh heck, one night I said, "I'm so flippin cold!" My comp asked what that meant so I explained it to her and she says it all the time now. Only the funniest thing ever. Yeah I know, I'm terrible.

My companion fell asleep like this, haha!

Ok. This week was difficult. We literally taught no one and found no one. Of course the hardest weeks are when you learn the most. We were visiting with a family whose dad is getting baptized this month and he has two younger boys. One has been baptized and the other is 7. This little boy, Enrique, has my heart. Everytime we share a spiritual thought or come over there is this light in his eyes. He hungers for the gospel so much and its just incredible. It took me a month being out here to see it.

Then last night we were visiting with a less active member that is now coming to church since visiting with her and last night she said "when I know I have appointments with you sisters, I wait all day in excitement." She's excited about the church again and seeing all the blessings that come from being active in the church. This helped me realize that missionary work isn't just about finding new people, but to strengthen our ward and help reactivate all the less actives.

These two experiences this week have touched my heart deeper then anything and anyone ever has. This work and people are changing my life.
Hermana van Overbeek

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