Friday, September 12, 2014

"Miracles in Mexico are happening"

Miracles in Mexico are happening. Wow, what an amazing week. I'll be honest and say that my first week here wasn't necessarily my favorite. I changed my prayers and everything followed. Missions are hard, there is no way of getting around it, but it's the most rewarding thing I am ever going to do. I love it here now. Took me a week or so but Mexico has my whole heart. Helamen 3 35
Ok miracles of the week! There is this newish family to the ward. Her name is Nayeli and she has 3 little kids and her husband isn't a member. They live out in the hills and have to take combis to get to church like everyone else. Nayeli didn't have money to take a combi so she WALKED with her 3 little kids for an hour to come to church. This just shows so much faith and devotion to me. I got teary eyed when she told us that. Wow.
Sweet Hermana Racquel. She is a less active and has a lot of health problems that keeps her from coming to church most of the time. We visited her last week and this week. When we were talking this week she said that when we came last week she felt awful that day, but when we got there she felt great and continued to feel good the whole day. That hasn't happened in a long time. How awesome is that? Yes, a miracle.
We had 3 baptisms into the ward this week from the other sisters. A mom ad two daughters. Gosh it was such an amzing experience to see all three of them make such a sacred covenant. All smiles, too.
We have 3 new investigators this week and all the lessons were amazing. Spirit was so strong. They are all very receptive so hopefully we will have some baptism dates.
So yesterday we ate with a family for lunch. Ok pause. This is the eating schedule: breakfast, then at 2 you eat like you're never gonna eat again, and then maybes a snack before you go to bed. We had no food left at the apartment and idnt eat a lot with the family. when we went to visit families I prayed that they would feed us cause I was starving mcmarvin. Guess what? They fed us, and dang good food, too. Heavenly father answers prayers people.
Last miracle of the week, I slept talked in Spanish! My companion told me I asked her what time it was, what we we're gonna eat and blah blah. This makes me feel like I'm learning. WHOOP!
We taught jehovas witnesses this week. Although I didn't know that in the lesson haha because I don't ever know whats going on in lessons. So I was all pumped to bear my testimony and I did and was totally feeling it. Then after we left, my comp told me what actually happened and the whole time they were asking the most ridiculous questions trying to catch my comp off guard. Flippin turds. That comment wasn't Christlike. Am I working on that? Every day.
We now have to turn in 30 minutes earlier because some elders in our area zone were shot at to get scared off. SKETCH. Turning in 30 mins is totally gonna keep us from getting shot at. I'm repenting right now for that sarcastic comment. Dont worry we are safe!
Thats all for this week. love you all!
Hermana van Overbeek

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