Friday, September 26, 2014

"I have no fear, because I have faith"

Hello all! Before you read this last week's email, I just wanted to say a few short things. First, we VOBS are oh so very proud of our Hermana and all of her effort and dedication to furthering the Lord's work. We have been so blessed to see her mature spiritually and devote herself wholeheartedly to the incredibly difficult task of being a full time missionary. It is such a blessing to watch her blossom into an even more amazing young woman than she was when she left, and we love her with all of our hearts. Second, we just want to thank you all for the love and support Haley has gotten thus far and is sure to receive in the future. She is so blessed to have such an amazing support group and we know it will be so helpful now as she recovers and gets ready to get back out there! 

This will be my last weekly email for a little bit. The past two weeks I have struggled with some illnesses and Mexico doesn't have the care I need so I have been sent home for a little while until I'm all good and then I will be receiving a new mission call to somewhere here in the states.
Monday, when I talked to my Mission President about everything and came to the conclusion that I was being sent home for a short intermission, my heart broke. The 6 weeks I got in Mexico are easily the best 6 weeks I have ever had. I think Mexico and the people there will always have my heart. I know that I was sent there for a reason and could only learn and experience the things I needed there. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me, it's just a little different than I thought it would. I have no fear, because I have faith. 
Just a short little intermission and I will be back doing the work I love.
Hermana van Overbeek

"This Work and People are Changing My Life"

Well, I'm fat. This isn't me just being whiney. So like the second week in Mexico when we actually started talking to each other and becoming friends (talking about her companion here) I was showing her my family photos and she looks at me and says, oh my gosh Hermana you were really fat then. Yes, thank you for that sweet reminder. Then in the mtc I dropped 10 pounds which was awesome. Now fast forward to a week ago, we were talking about how much food we get fed and I said I'm getting real chubby. She so sweetly responds, yes Hermana you are, but not as fat as you were before the mission. HAHAHA i just love her. So yes I really am fat. The other night we had two full meals. The second meal i was literally shoving the food down my throat because there was no room. It's ok, I have accepted that I'll be rolling home in a year and a half. Literally rolling.

I was thinking about trimming my hair because its a flipping mane but then my companion showed me something. She had long hair and asked for a trim and got her hair cut to her jaw line. SHEARED LIKE A SHEEP. Yeah no one is touching my hair til I get home.
Oh heck, one night I said, "I'm so flippin cold!" My comp asked what that meant so I explained it to her and she says it all the time now. Only the funniest thing ever. Yeah I know, I'm terrible.

My companion fell asleep like this, haha!

Ok. This week was difficult. We literally taught no one and found no one. Of course the hardest weeks are when you learn the most. We were visiting with a family whose dad is getting baptized this month and he has two younger boys. One has been baptized and the other is 7. This little boy, Enrique, has my heart. Everytime we share a spiritual thought or come over there is this light in his eyes. He hungers for the gospel so much and its just incredible. It took me a month being out here to see it.

Then last night we were visiting with a less active member that is now coming to church since visiting with her and last night she said "when I know I have appointments with you sisters, I wait all day in excitement." She's excited about the church again and seeing all the blessings that come from being active in the church. This helped me realize that missionary work isn't just about finding new people, but to strengthen our ward and help reactivate all the less actives.

These two experiences this week have touched my heart deeper then anything and anyone ever has. This work and people are changing my life.
Hermana van Overbeek

Friday, September 12, 2014

"Fill the font!"

illena la pila!!! aka fill the font.
I asked twice, and they accepted twice! Holy heck what an awesome feeling. These are our first, we have others with baptism dates but they were from other missionaries so these ones are super special to us. We bought a cake thing in celebration. 

Oh man, so funny. One of our investigators who accepted thinks that God will throw up on her for changing religions. So sad that she like legit fears that but also kinda funny. Another one of our investgators has these crazy stories about a tunnel under her house with people turning into zombies and of course, treasure. Yes this is all serious. Our visits with her are always a good time.

I dont have much to say this week. It was fast and testimony meeting Sunday and it was incredible. I couldn't understand all of it, but I felt every single testimony of these members. My heart has never been so full. I love my life.

Hermana van Overbeek

"Miracles in Mexico are happening"

Miracles in Mexico are happening. Wow, what an amazing week. I'll be honest and say that my first week here wasn't necessarily my favorite. I changed my prayers and everything followed. Missions are hard, there is no way of getting around it, but it's the most rewarding thing I am ever going to do. I love it here now. Took me a week or so but Mexico has my whole heart. Helamen 3 35
Ok miracles of the week! There is this newish family to the ward. Her name is Nayeli and she has 3 little kids and her husband isn't a member. They live out in the hills and have to take combis to get to church like everyone else. Nayeli didn't have money to take a combi so she WALKED with her 3 little kids for an hour to come to church. This just shows so much faith and devotion to me. I got teary eyed when she told us that. Wow.
Sweet Hermana Racquel. She is a less active and has a lot of health problems that keeps her from coming to church most of the time. We visited her last week and this week. When we were talking this week she said that when we came last week she felt awful that day, but when we got there she felt great and continued to feel good the whole day. That hasn't happened in a long time. How awesome is that? Yes, a miracle.
We had 3 baptisms into the ward this week from the other sisters. A mom ad two daughters. Gosh it was such an amzing experience to see all three of them make such a sacred covenant. All smiles, too.
We have 3 new investigators this week and all the lessons were amazing. Spirit was so strong. They are all very receptive so hopefully we will have some baptism dates.
So yesterday we ate with a family for lunch. Ok pause. This is the eating schedule: breakfast, then at 2 you eat like you're never gonna eat again, and then maybes a snack before you go to bed. We had no food left at the apartment and idnt eat a lot with the family. when we went to visit families I prayed that they would feed us cause I was starving mcmarvin. Guess what? They fed us, and dang good food, too. Heavenly father answers prayers people.
Last miracle of the week, I slept talked in Spanish! My companion told me I asked her what time it was, what we we're gonna eat and blah blah. This makes me feel like I'm learning. WHOOP!
We taught jehovas witnesses this week. Although I didn't know that in the lesson haha because I don't ever know whats going on in lessons. So I was all pumped to bear my testimony and I did and was totally feeling it. Then after we left, my comp told me what actually happened and the whole time they were asking the most ridiculous questions trying to catch my comp off guard. Flippin turds. That comment wasn't Christlike. Am I working on that? Every day.
We now have to turn in 30 minutes earlier because some elders in our area zone were shot at to get scared off. SKETCH. Turning in 30 mins is totally gonna keep us from getting shot at. I'm repenting right now for that sarcastic comment. Dont worry we are safe!
Thats all for this week. love you all!
Hermana van Overbeek