Friday, September 12, 2014

"Fill the font!"

illena la pila!!! aka fill the font.
I asked twice, and they accepted twice! Holy heck what an awesome feeling. These are our first, we have others with baptism dates but they were from other missionaries so these ones are super special to us. We bought a cake thing in celebration. 

Oh man, so funny. One of our investigators who accepted thinks that God will throw up on her for changing religions. So sad that she like legit fears that but also kinda funny. Another one of our investgators has these crazy stories about a tunnel under her house with people turning into zombies and of course, treasure. Yes this is all serious. Our visits with her are always a good time.

I dont have much to say this week. It was fast and testimony meeting Sunday and it was incredible. I couldn't understand all of it, but I felt every single testimony of these members. My heart has never been so full. I love my life.

Hermana van Overbeek

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