Saturday, August 9, 2014

"K love you, bye!"

Wow, what a week it has been. It's been a doosy. I have some really funny things so get ready.
Every Sunday we are suppose to prepare a talk on theme of the week in Spanish. Our second Sunday comes around and I have this feeling that I'm going to get called for it but alas, I chose not to write my talk. All the Elders in the older district said I wouldn't get chosen and I shouldn't worry. So I didn't. Sacrament rolls around and guess who got called on? Yes, it was me. I quickly stole my companions talk and walked up there. I gave the talk not even knowing what it said really. Then afterwards one of the Branch Presidence wives comes up to me and hugs me and then whispers in my ear, and I quote, "Scary as hell getting called up like that huh?" My hero. I looked at her super funny and was busting up. She then said,"It's a bible curse word, don't worry. Someone has to set the bad example anyways." This woman is a hoot! 
Ok this is awesome. Here at the MTC there isn't much to do, so I try and spice it up. One night we were walking back from dinner and there's a lot of bushes on one side. So what do I do? I say to my comp,"Hey watch out for that bush!" And I proceeded to bush her into the bush. It was SO funny. The bush was small don't worry. Everyone was dying laughing, including my comp. It's safe to say that I get pushed into bushes on a daily for that one. So worth it.
This last wednesday we got new missionaries and everytime they come in for their first dinner we all clap and cheer for them. Only our zone cause we are the tables by the door. Quickly after we were cheering, a cafeteria woman came and yelled,"QUIET DIGNITY." Only the best thing ever. Yeah we will probably do it next week too.
AH! One of my favorites. So to get into our little gym bubbles, we go through these revolving doors. Once again I found something fun to do. I went through and just starting running in it which meant the sisters had to keep up and jump out fast. So fun. Low and behold, two days after there is a sign outside and inside saying please walk through revolving doors in all caps. Mission accomplished.
This past week at a meeting I found out that it's unacceptable to hi-five Elders. Do they really think that will start romantic feelings? Why yes they do. So I did something. When Elders go to shake my hand, I go in like I'm gonna shake it, but then just hit their hand real quick. It's not a hi-five in any means. The look the Elders gave me the first few times I did it was hilarious. They were just like what the heck is she doing. They love it. They try and shake my hand fast enough before I hit it. Only one can get me everytime. It's spreading too. I see random people who I haven't done it to doing it. How awesome is that? It's fun.
Also, in our district, the Elders and Sisters don't say like we love you guys. Instead we say I appreciate you. It's said a lot here. Hahah but when we are walking out of the classroom we will yell,"K love you bye!'' and close the door and run. We just really "appreciate" them.
The language is coming along. Maybe not in ways you would think though. I have the Mexican accent down. In English. Like it's pretty dang good. Now in our district when anyone is like thinking in english, hey think it in a mexican accent cause that's all they hear from me and Sister Peters. Funny thing is, when I am in lessons or talking in Spanish that accent seems to be gone and I just sound like a gringo. Fail.
Now on to the good stuff.
Devotional this week we had John Groberg speak. Everyone go watch The Other Side of Heaven. He is amazing. He gave such a powerful talk on sharing our testimonies in what we say, do, sing, write, pray, and who we are.
 Monday was a long hard day. All us sisters got blessing from a few of the Elders. It would be an understatement to say it was just amazing. In my blessing there were things said that were so specific to what I needed to hear that I hadn't told anyone. The whole time all I could imagine was Christ's hand on this Elders shoulder whispering to him what I needed at that time. The Spirit was incredible strong. The other sisters blessing were the same way. It's just so neat to have all these worthy Elders to be vessels of the Lord. So awesome.
This Wednesday we got 4 new Sisters in our zone. They are all so wonderful. On Friday their whole district was having a really hard time with the adjustment and mainly the language and how they teach us. Basically no english. One of the teachers came in and asked myself and Hermana Peters to come and share our experience here and our testimony. He chose us because we were the only ones in our district knowing like nothing where everyone else remembered most of it from high school. She and I have the hardest time with the language and honestly continue to do so. It was so awesome to be able to share with them my experience. Here is what I said ish. Since being here, I have been humbled more than I can imagine. I came in not remembering much from high school and thinking I will never learn. Also it was hard cause my companion came in basically being able to teach a lesson off the top of her head. I told myself I couldn't compare myself to her and the progress of the rest of my class, but it's hard not to. A week in, I fell to my knee's and prayed to my Heavenly Father harder than I ever had before. After I finished, I felt this overwhelming amount of love, peace, and comfort. It was incredible. The MTC isn't suppose to be easy in any means. If we didn't struggle, there would be no room to progress. Having this happened, I realized I couldn't do this myself and Heavenly Father let me struggle so much so I would get on my knee's and rely on Him. I will have so many short comings, but He never does. We are here at the MTC to come closer to Christ and learn of His Gospel. That is our main goal. A scripture I shared was about first obtaining His word and then our tongues being loosed to proclaim it. The gift of tongues is real. It won't be this huge moment where you can speak the language, it's moments like I have in lessons where I can share my testimony and I find the words to do so. It requires so much work, but if you're willing to put that in, we are blessed with that promise. We are walking the path that Christ did. He is with us every step of the way and puts angels in our life to bear us up when it's hard. We are never alone in any situation. I don't believe my Savior lives. I know he lives.

Today at the temple I walked out to the best thing ever. I see my sister Kaitlynn and my sweet baby niece Emma waiting at the fountains.I know its not suppose to happen but what do you expect? Emma see's me and just starts smiling and lunging toward me for a hug. My heart leaped when I saw these pretty ladies. I got to hug and kiss that sweet baby all I wanted. Better yet I got to hug my sister who is my best friend. She has been constantly writing and sending me packages every week. Along with all my other Mommies out there and I am SO grateful for it! Mail of any sort is like crack and I love it. Not that I have had crack, you know what I mean.
Hermana van Overbeek

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