Saturday, August 16, 2014

"Wow you're really ugly here..."

Hello everyone!
This is my last email before I become a "real live" missionary. Because I have been a dead fake one these past 6 weeks... So many people have said that this week. Thanks, it's not like I haven't been working my hiney off these 6 weeks. Yeah I'm not bitter or anything about that. Oh, I have lost weight since I have been here. It doesn't matter though, I'm not going down in size. All my muscles are just turning into mush cause I sit all day. So now I'm just really squishy. It's awesome. I love it. Can you feel that sarcasm?

Monday I got to take a field trip to Las Vegas to get my visa. And guess who I saw at 5:15 in the morning... Brian Wallace! What are the odds? Probably the best surprise ever and just what I needed... to see another dad (Brian is a good family friend of ours! The trip was fun ish. Super long. We got there and one of the old men had to waste time so he talked AT us, not with us, for 2 1/2 hours. I fell asleep but he loved to keep calling on me and asking if I heard him. Yeah I totally heard you while I was sleeping. Then later he was talking to the mission president of that area who stopped by and said yeah they're tired and I told them it's ok if they fall asleep. Where was that kindness when you were waking me up? I'll tell you, no where to be found. It's ok, I would always just go right back to sleep after he woke me up. I got to travel with 10 Elders and they were super funny. One of them was from my district and he was looking through his pictures and one came up of me doing that blow thing on the window. So naturally he shows everyone. One of the Elders then says, "Wow you're really ugly here." No joke. Seriously so funny. I love blunt people. My plane ride home was pretty amazing. I'm sitting there looking out the window and we are surrounded by these beautiful big billowy clouds with golden edges from the sun. Aka Heaven. Then I look down and there is this super thick dark fog and then earth. Then I thought, hey the fog is like worldly things and anything else keeping us from our Heavenly Father. What is my personal fog that is keeping me from coming closer to Christ and my Heavenly Father? Then from the Heavenly clouds we went into a huge storm where there was no light to be seen. Often times in trials it's dark and lonely and we struggle to find that light that is just around the darkest cloud. The pilot then says he is going to try and go around it so we don't have as much turbulence. I think everyone tries to avoid their personal storms as much as possible. Sometimes we forget that through our darkest storms Christ is right there with us every step of the way. We are given showers, thunder, lightening, floods, and hurricanes so we can learn to rely on Christ and strengthen our faith in Him. Christ will always illuminate the darkest storms if we let Him. The Atonement is such an active part of the Gospel.

Wednesday my companion and I got to go and do the example teaching for all the noobie missionaries that came in Wednesday. We would just start off the lessons and then they would take it from there. One tender little Elder was talking about the feelings of the Spirit and said, "It's like a fire inside you...(the investogator looked freaked out)... but not like a a real fire!" It was hilarious. I love missionaries.

Yesterday we did in field orientation and my companion and I so nicely were volunteered by our district to be in a little mini play they were going to show. Yay. I had some lines, they were funny. Then I had to put a sticker star on the acting bishop who was older and I'm going to do it and then I realize, "Holy crap, you're a male and I'm not aloud to touch you." So then I'm just like uhhhhh am I allowed to touch you? Everyone was busting up but it was a serious question for me. I've never put a golden star on so fast.

Ok this is awesome. We are sitting at breakfast and I have a muffin to eat. Sister Peters looks at me and says," What are the odds of you eating that in one bite?" Then we do the number thing and we say the same number so I have to do it. I did so gladly. I got it all in there so yeah I was impressed with myself. Literally 2 seconds later a cafeteria police man comes over and was like,"Now Sister, you are a represenative of Jesus Christ. Stuffing a whole muffin in your mouth isn't the best behavior. Also, what kind of example are you setting for everyone else? Any good District leader would not allow this to happen. Please remember to have quiet dignity." Struck down. Not only did I feel like dump, but the poor Elder next to me did too. Just imagine someone saying this and I'm just sitting there with a whole muffin in my mouth trying not to laugh. Wait! It gets better. He asked me,"Can you even whistle?" I dont' know why thats a relevant question, but he asked, so I delivered. I try to whistle, obviously I knew I couldn't but I tried for him, and at the same time I try, an Elder whistles so it looks like I did! So flippin funny. Worth the scolding.

Today I met an Elder that is from my mission and said that that's where everyone gets killed. Sorry Mom and Dad... I'm planning on getting robbed at least once. It'll be a good story.
It's a good thing I'm leaving Monday cause the food here is literally killing me from the inside out. I had stomach aches all week. I think that's why we are only here for 6 weeks, they know the food they make will kill us if we are here any longer. 
Well that's really all. Next time you hear from me I will be in MEXICO!!!
Love love love you all. Peace and blessings.
Hermana van Overbeek

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