Saturday, August 9, 2014

"I am so ready to meet my people of Mexico!"

Well, this has been the best week of the MTC so far. Today I got a surprise visit at the temple. This one wasn't planned though I promise! I'm sitting on a bench after the session and I see these two heads popp around a bush. I know the faces too. I just look at them thinking to myself, I know these people... It was Syd, Rachel, and Emma. I just kinda stared like what the heck... Then Sara Triplett runs out of no where and into my arms. This is my best friend in the world. Of course I just started crying. I didn't think I would see this pretty lady for a year and a half. Plus, I thought she was in California. It got even better, Momma Triplett was with them too! So I got a mommy hugu and started crying all over again. It was the best to see this second family of mine. They had no idea if I would be there at that time but alas, there I was. I love my people!
So my companion left to get her visa for like two days. That's not the reason this was the best week, just to clarify... Anyways, she left and we were supposed to teach like 5 lessons in that period time. Like I have said before, my comp is a champ and gives the lessons because late in life I turned out to be a mute. That's beside the point. I got out of 3/5 lessons because they were just our teachers but we had two lessons with Roberto who has been our progressing investogator. I was freaking out because I was told that I would have a teacher come in with me but that they weren't speaking. Craaaaaaap. I prepared my lesson and said probably a million prayers. I get there and I talk. In Spanish. Wait, what? I never said it was great Spanish, but none the less it was Spanish. I spoke with confidence because for the first time in the hundred lessons we have given, I felt the Spirit. It was the most amazing experience ever. I could understand his concerns and could give answers that he needed. I knew what I wanted to say and he felt it. Roberto was basically atheist btw. But from that lesson he said his heart and mind were opened and had the desire to pray to God. That was HUGE. The gift of tongues is real. In 2 Nephi 33:1 it talks abut how if you speak with the Spirit it will pierce the hearts of those who hear it. It didn't matter that my Spanish was awful. The spirit always testifies. So awesome!
One of my favorite things I heard at devotional this Sunday was about the different worlds us missionaries live in. We have our district, our emails back home with friends and family, our companion, and then our world with the Savior. That is the best one. This time is all about getting to know Him better and bringing that opportunity unto others. Pretty sweet.
We got our travel plans this week. HOLLA. I get to go to Vegas for my visa Monday. Party time. Then the following Monday I leave at 2:30 am for Mexico!!!!!! I can't even wait. My companion and a few others are not wanting to leave the MTC but I cannot wait to get out of this place. It's awesome, I have had the time of my life, but it's time to move on. I am so ready to meet my people of Mexico!
The past three weeks the sisters in my apartment and I have been sleeping in the living room. We made a pangea bed, it's the best decision since I have been here. Also we have all been sleeping better since. Everyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to snuggle. There's 3 beds because I refused to move mine out because I didn't want my own bed. So I sleep in the middle. Best thing ever.
Welp that's all. Nothing funny this week.
Love you all
Hermana van Overbeek

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