Monday, July 14, 2014

"I am at peace with everything..."


So it's day 4 here and I feel like its all one giant day. I never know what day it is or what happens in which day. Super frustrating, plus I have a terrible memory. Anyways, the MTC has been pretty darn good. Long days, but good. First day we got right into conversation speaking in spanish for 4 hours. Then we met with our branch and met all the missionaries and presidency. Not many sisters like at all. There's probably 14 and 50 elders ish. The next day we learned how to pray in spanish and then bear our testimonies the next. It is non-stop here. Right when you "think" you are getting a hold of things they introduce something completely different and so on. It's crazy.

 We taught our first "investigator" yesterday in all spanish. It was a 30 minute lesson. You may ask, how is that possible, you just got there? Oh I know. I'm not sure I really spoke spanish. We had it all written down and I had no idea what I was teaching this poor guy. My companion is a rockstar. She got the gift of tongues in that lesson for sure. Whatta jerk. just kidding I love her a lot. Really that was a joke cause I suck. She had full on conversations with him and I sat here wide eyed having no idea what was going on. Then she would ask me something to add or ask what a word was and I would just look at her, smile, and say no se-- I don't know. I giggled like a child a lot. I will learn one day...far in the future.

Since I have been here, I haven't felt overwhelmed, embarrassed, dumb, stressed, or sad. Which is super weird cause I am one to stress about the language and falling behind. I am at peace with everything. I know that I will get the language eventually, it will just take time and a dump load of prayer. I'm happy here. My days are long but enjoyable. Right now I can't imagine being anywhere else, well actually I could... BUT it doesn't matter and I don't want to be anywhere but here.

 My district is a lot of fun and way too smart to be in beginners but thats whatever. The first two days the elders were like scared to talk to us sisters in fear of flirting or something. We cracked them day 3 though. There are 4 sisters and 6 elders. I live in an apartment with all the sisters. I LOVE them. We have a good time.

Oh! I saw Nathaniel (Nathaniel is a family friend we grew up with who works in the MTC and is like a brother to Haley). I didn't even really see him, I saw his walk and knew it was him. Then I literally yelled "Hermano Wallace!" and seriously ran to him I was so excited. I realize now that it was probably a little inappropriate with how I handled it but I was just so excited to see him. I got my little piece of home that day. I shook his hand real good. 

Well that's all. I love you all! Thank you for your love and support. God is good!
Hermana van Overbeek

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